Pro-grade bike fitting

The right fit changes everything. At City+County, we tailor your setup to balance power and comfort, taking injuries and fitness goals into account. Our custom fit philosophy brings together an open dialogue, up to the minute component knowledge, and a ground up processes to meet each rider's individual needs, honed over years of experience riding and racing bikes and working with different fit systems.

Whether you want to improve power, increase comfort, or work with an injury, a proper fit makes all the difference. 

It all starts with a conversation. Let us know what you hope to get out of your bike and any issues you're currently experiencing—we'll craft the perfect setup.

Pro Fit

Our fit philosophy is to get the most power with as little to no discomfort as possible. We work from the ground up, building a strong foundation for power and efficiency while addressing alignment and stability along the way. Each rider is different, so every fit will vary upon each riders needs and goals. $250, 2–3 hrs

Cleat Fit

Replacing your cleats? New cycling shoes? New pedals? New to clipless pedals? No matter what, you want to make sure that your cleats and pedals are working as best as they can for you. Let us help make sure you are set up properly and ready to perform. We utilize cleat alignment plates, heel and toe shims, and cleat wedges if necessary. We will install everything and make sure you are aligned properly in our fit studio. $50+, 30 min–1 hr

Saddle Fit

Arguably the most important component is often the most overlooked. A good saddle, that is the correct size and adjusted correctly for you can make all the difference between a great day and an excruciating one. We have free demo saddles in store to try in the shop and out on the road. $50+, 30 min–1 hr

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