At City+County, we pride ourselves on approachable, high-caliber service.

We are industry pros, with skills and knowhow built over years of experience. We work with you to devise a plan that fits your bike's needs, your goals, and your budget. Come in and build your dream ride.


Check Up

Big ride at the end of the week that you've been looking forward to? Gran Fondo on the near horizon? We'll inspect your bike for safety issues, adjust your shifting and brake systems, and give your machine a quick wipe-down. Starts at $75. 

Standard Tune

Keep your machine in great shape with regular bike maintenance. We’ll give you a check up, then adjust all bearing systems, true both wheels, and give your bike a thorough cleaning. Starts at $125. Recommended every 3 to 6 months.

Major Tune

Maybe it's been a little longer than you'd like to admit since your bike got tuned, and you can feel it. Don’t worry, our Major Tune is made for you. We'll give you a standard tune, then change out your cables and housing, remove, clean, and re-lube your freehub, and install new bar tape. Starts at $250. Recommended once a year.


Bring life back into a bike that has been raced, ridden hard, or seriously neglected. We take the bike apart down to the frame, inspect and clean each component, and rebuild from scratch with proper installation and adjustments at every step. Give your bike the love and attention it needs. Starts at $350. Recommended after race season or for bikes put away dirty and left for a while.

Wheel Build

Ever ridden a set of wheels custom built for your riding style, weight, and specific needs? There are wonderful factory wheels out there and we even recommend them sometimes, but nothing beats a custom wheelset, built by our hands for you alone. Starts at $100.

Tubular Install

The feel and suppleness of a tubular tire is unmatched. Getting it right takes attention to detail and knowledge about road and cyclocross tubular tire mounting process. We take the time and care to work clean and achieve proper adhesion so your tires can be far from your mind when you’re on the road. Starts at $75.

General Labor

You might be able to get it done a little cheaper somewhere else, but you can’t get it done better. We're industry experts who have spent years honing our skills. We care tremendously about our craft and your ride. Most importantly, we stand behind our work. If you are displeased, we will make it right. $100/hr.


** Please note: tune and labor prices are based on a standard road bike with external cable routing and are subject to change depending on bike setup and condition. Prices do not include the price of parts. We assess every bike to determine what services are needed on an individual basis, and discuss our recommendations with you at every step.